Who helped? Who am I? Why did I choose the topic healthy living/eating? It will all be explained here on the About page.

Who am I? It's me!
My name is Joel Edwards and I am a Year 13 student at Heretaunga College in Upper Hutt. I enjoy web design, baking (especially bread!) and playing badminton.

Why choose healthy living/eating?
Easy, it's a VERY important part of our lives. If we ignore it now we can end up living shorter and less healthy lives, and who wants that!? If we all make some simple choices to eat the right foods and do a little exercise each day, we will all be better off.

Who helped?
Here's the list of all the people who have helped me along the road of making this website. It wasn't easy but these people pushed me, encouraged me and generally helped me to get it done. THANKS TO EVERYONE OF YOU!

  • Mrs Lassey - Without your encouragement and motivation I don't think I could have done it. Thanks for all those positive and encouraging comments
  • Ethan Avison (my "ideas manager") - What can I say... other than... thanks for all the ideas
  • Mr Douglas - For the time he spent sub-editing my website's content
  • Ms Stokes - For supplying me with so many useful resources to help with writing content for my website
  • Mum, Dad, Katie and Luke - For being my testers and putting up with me locking myself in my room for hours on end
  • Justin, Nick, Eddie and Roland - For also being my testers and giving me your VERY honest opinions
Google is your friend. If you're looking for information on the web don't over look this powerful tool. Here is a list of the main websites and organisations that have provided me with the knowledge, logos and images for this website.
  • Mission-On - www.mission-on.co.nz
  • - thanks so much for allowing me to use some of your food images, logo and meal ideas.
  • SPARC & Push Play - www.sparc.org.nz
  • - thanks for allowing me to use your logos.
  • My Pyramid - www.mypyramid.govt
  • - thanks for allowing me to use your logo and pyramid graphics.
  • Google - www.google.com
  • - thanks for finding relevant information and websites.
  • Wikipedia - www.wikipedia.org
  • - thanks so much for the helpful information and wonderful, public domain images.
  • Icon Archive - www.iconarchive.com
  • - thanks for the use of the free food icons made available by this website.
  • You Tube - www.youtube.co.nz
  • - thanks for allowing embedding of video onto websites.
  • Feeding our Futures - www.feedingourfutures.org.nz
  • - thanks for allowing me to use your logo.
  • All the others
  • - for all the random inforamtion, free domain pictures and general tips and help.
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